Log Construction has been popular in many parts of the world for hundreds of years. There are many fine examples of Log Homes built prior to the last century which are essentially intact, and in some instances still in active use.
    A combination of factors has contributed to the enduring popularity of log construction including the availability of logs, the non-depletable nature of logs as a resource, complicity of construction, moderate cost, structural strength, weather ability, durability, comfort, and attractiveness. These inherent qualities combined with the current and growing interest in ecological concerns and “the return to nature” movement have significantly contributed to the burgeoning interest in Log Home Ownership – an interest which is most pronounced in the United States today.
    To meet the high demand and accelerated consumer acceptance, Louisiana Log Home Company, Inc. has developed a superior product featuring a triple tongue and groove log construction system. This product is produced on patented machinery (patent number 3791430); used exclusively for Louisiana Log Home Company, Inc. that is second to none in the industry.